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ktm 790 ADVENTURE 

If you're looking for a high-performance motorcycle that's lightweight and compact, one that specialises in adventure touring with the ability to explore further off-road when the tarmac ends, then look no further than the KTM 790 ADVENTURE. Whether it's in the desert, on remote mountain trails or a transcontinental crossing, this sporty travel bike is built with KTM's off-road genes and is ready for endless miles of travel exploration.


The KTM 790 Adventure is built for endless travel enduro and holds huge potential for off-road riding thanks to its off-road genes. Designed to be an ideal travel companion, it comes with an alloy handlebar that can be mounted in different positions to suit riders of various sizes. The same adjustability can be found in the seat, too. Meanwhile, riders can rest their boots on top of footpegs that have rubber inserts. Both variants are fitted with a windshield, and the off-road biased R trim has a lower mounting for this part.

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KTM's new generation LC8c in-line twin-engine with 95 hp (70kW), combined with modern electronics and a 6-speed sequential gearbox, ticks all the boxes for a travel-enduro motorcycle that can be ridden upto 450 kms between fuel stops on the open road. Smooth long-distance travel is assured thanks to two balancer shafts, which keep vibration to a minimum. With long service intervals of 15,000 km, you can ride for days on end without a worry.     

The 6-speed sequential gearbox's stacked configuration reduces engine length, which enables it to be more compact. Gear shifting is very smooth, and by using the optional Quickshifter+ clutchless up and downshifts can be performed effortlessly.


The perfect option for riders wanting to get all the adventure possible out of a motorcycle

As a blanket statement, we'd like to declare that the KTM 790 Adventure may be the perfect option for riders wanting to get all the adventure possible out of a motorcycle without being overwhelmed by the size and power of the biggest bikes now in the market.

Despite not being as dirt-focused as its sister bike or some others in this twin-cylinder category, riders looking for a mid-sized adventure bike may want to consider how much time they'll truly be spending off-pavement, and choose this bike or the R model accordingly.

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