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ktm 390 ADVENTURE 

Satisfy your restless spirit with the new KTM 390 ADVENTURE. This compact single-cylinder travel-enduro machine has a sporty design attitude, with the comprehensive equipment and proven performance credentials of the KTM ADVENTURE range. Its versatile ergonomics, smooth power delivery and innovative technology all come together in a comfortable, lightweight package built for those wanting to fit more adventure into their daily lives.


KTM's compact adventurer, the 390 Adventure is an entry-level adventure bike from the Austrian brand. Made in the Philippines, this adventure-tourer carries the sporty DNA of the 390 Duke and merges it with the kit that suits long rides and some light trails. It brings KTM's "Ready to Race" attitude with more versatile ergonomics, a light chassis for its segment, and innovative technology to adapt this bike to many conditions.

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A state-of-the-art, liquid cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine powers this agile machine perfectly into KTM's world of ADVENTURE. The engine is equipped with an electric starter and achieves impressive peak power with incredibly punchy torque. Twin overhead camshafts, four valves and electronic fuel injection are integral to the KTM 390 ADVENTURE's outstanding power and together with a balancer shaft, deliver the highest levels of smoothness. Its lightweight and compact construction facilitates straight intake channels, allowing for a shortened distance for the intake air to flow into the combustion chamber, as well as to the two catalytic converters. Besides the faster movement of air and gases, this also allows the engine to warm up faster. Additionally, the two catalytic converters and the fuel tank ventilation system (EVAP system) improve emission values and prevent fuel vapors from being released into the environment, making the KTM 390 ADVENTURE extremely eco-friendly and compliant with with strict exhaust emission standards.


an approachable adventure bike that makes no compromises

For anyone looking for an approachable adventure bike that makes no compromises, KTM’s 390 Adventure offers great value for money. Sure, it’s not as fancy or off-road-ready as some other models out there, but it’s light, well-specced, has a manageable amount of power, and handles well.

Whether it’s your first bike or a value-conscious foray into adventure riding, it’s hard to go wrong with this one—as long as you can handle the height.

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