Manila, Philippines, July 31, 2021 – Born out of the need to serve the riding community at all  cost, TBT Live! was a breath of fresh air – and was one of the first motorcycle shows in the  country. Now a Spotify podcast, Filipino riders can learn practical tips wherever they are – even while they’re on the go.

TBT Live! talks about riding, KTM and everything motorcycles. First aired through Facebook Live in  April 2020, the talk show has evolved from KTM Philippines’ ‘Thursday Bike Talk’ - naturally born  and conceived out of the necessity to serve the riding community during the height of the first  lockdown in Luzon, Philippines.


From L-R: Nani Juarez and Bimbo Isidro (Hosts of KTM PH’s TBT Live!)

Hosted by 'dyed in the wool’ riders Nani Juarez and Bimbo Isidro, the dynamic duo have become  the faces of this niche motorcycle show. On top of their hosting stints, the respected motorcycle  personalities also have big responsibilities as they both work full-time for Adventure Cycle  Philippines, Inc. - the sole Authorized Distributor of KTM motorcycles in the country. 

Now in the Spotify podcast format, TBT Live! is made more accessible to riders, giving them the  chance to download and listen to the show whenever and wherever they are. Each episode created  was a labor of love as KTM Philippines’ way of giving back to the Filipino riding community and get  them Ready to Race!


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