Manila, Philippines, June 21, 2021 – Always true to its ‘Ready To Race’ philosophy, it’s  normal for KTM Philippines to try different formulas and seek new ways of reaching and  engaging with their followers online.

From the advent of the Thursday Bike Talk (TBT) show in June 2017 through the use of FB Live  and subsequent releases of informational 3-minute videos, to being the first premium motorcycle  brand in the eCommerce space through Lazada in October 2018, and to the re-invention of TBT  to TBT Live!, which was timely launched in April 2020 to be able to have a dynamic conversation  with fans during the height of community quarantine restrictions. 

Only a year later, the KTM Chatbot was also launched in KTM Philippines’ FB Page. Aside from  conveniently providing the pricelist, sample financing computation, and seamless connection to  their favorite KTM Authorized Dealer’s FB Messenger, customers can also have fun and engage  with the KTM Chatbot’s Motorcycle Quiz to determine the best KTM model for their riding style  and personality. 

Today, KTM Philippines has lead the race once again by making the test ride experience  convenient, simpler and, of course, safer through the touch of a finger. 

Through the KTM Philippines’ Test Ride Portal, you can easily browse and book KTM’s most  popular models available across all KTM Authorized Dealers. Just follow these steps and you'll  be on the road in no time: 

  1. Visit and click Test Ride Portal
  2. Choose your Test Ride Unit among the ff. KTM models:

    • 790 Adventure 
    • 790 Duke
    • 390 Adventure
    • 390 Duke
    • 200 Duke
  3. Click the orange button ‘YES, I’M READY’
  4. Fill in your Contact Info Details and pick the KTM Authorized Dealer of your choice. 5. A Thank You Page will appear to confirm the successful submission of your booking  request.
  5. Within office hours, your chosen KTM Dealer will immediately reach you to finalize your  test ride schedule together with the completion of pre-ride requirements. 
  6. Try KTM PHILIPPINES' Test Ride Portal and experience test riding  convenience at your fingertips.


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