Laguna, Philippines, 12 June 2020 – For the first time in the Philippine motorcycle industry, big bikes will finally roll out of the KTM Asia Motorcycle Manufacturing, Inc. (KAMMI) factory line.

Since the 790 Duke global launch in early 2019, the local motorcycle community has been  abuzz with rumors and clamor for big bikes to be locally-made – with the anticipation of  making it affordable and accessible to Filipino riders seeking for their next upgrade. 

Thus, KTM Philippines is glad to announce that finally, with the start of the 790 CKD Family  line, KTM Asia Motorcycle Manufacturing, Inc. (KAMMI) will assemble 800 cc parallel twin  platform motorcycles at its state-of-the-art factory in Laguna.

KTM 790 - Proudly Philippine-Made

As we celebrate our Independence Day, KTM Asia Motorcycle Manufacturing Inc. makes history as it starts producing 800cc parallel twin platform motorcycles for the Filipinos and the ASEAN Market.

“It’s the ultimate dream for KTM Philippines to build world-class motorcycles. After only three years of KAMMI operation, our factory will produce the 790 CKD Family line (790 Duke, 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure) for the domestic and the ASEAN markets. Like many, our business was not spared by the pandemic crisis, but fortunately our export  demands continue to keep us moving forward. Today, the export markets contributes around  80% of the factory output. This gives us pride that the Filipinos are building motorcycles for  Asia. On the local front, this industry breakthrough makes our motorcycles priced more competitively - and more Filipinos can now be proud owners of KTM in the country. Owning a KTM would also mean supporting our local automotive industry,” says Dino Santos, President and COO of KAMMI on the announcement of 790 CKD Family line at KTM Philippines FB Page. 

“The challenge has always been to prove that the Philippines can be a full manufacturing site  that can be the HUB for supplying the needs of the ASEAN region. We are proud to be able  to achieve this with KAMMI showcasing the FILIPINO talent in producing WORLD-CLASS  motorcycles for supplying the needs of the Asian countries. This is through the successful  collaboration of KTM Asia Motorcycle Manufacturing Inc. (KAMMI) and Integrated  Microelectronics Inc. (IMI),” shared Art Tan, Group CEO of AC Industrials that houses these  two Ayala companies. 

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